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A Virtual Walk of The Boreal Poetry Garden
In the last few years, inspired by the 6 acres of boreal forest where I'm living in Newfoundland, I've ventured into new realms: site-specific poetry and in situ performance.

In situ events in The Boreal Poetry Garden
3 videos by Malin Enström:
Marlene Creates with Rob Power (percussion) on July 17th, 2013
Marlene Creates with Rozalind MacPhail (flute) on July 23rd, 2013
Marlene Creates with Ilia Nicoll (viola and songs) on August 7th, 2013

and by Peter Lynch:
Marlene Creates with Ilia Nicoll, viola on
August 7, 2013

Boreal Breaths and Steps
with Marlene Creates, poetry; Nicola Hawkins, dance; Don McKay, poetry; and Louise Moyes, dance, for Sound Symposium XVII
July 7, 2014
video by Lisa Porter (29 minutes)                    

Breezes, Breath, and Bellows
with Christine Carter, clarinet & principal moose horn; Marlene Creates, poetry; Florian Hoefner, accordion; and Don McKay, poetry & assistant principal moose horn
July 17 & 20, 2016
video by Lisa Porter (43 minutes)

Fire | Light
with Kjell Andersson, accordion; Carissa Brown, the ecology of fire and light in the boreal forest; Marlene Creates, poetry; Don McKay, poetry and acting principal moose horn; and Aaron McKim, fire juggling, swallowing, and throwing
August 3, 2017
video by Lisa Porter (64 minutes)

Meandering with the Blast Hole Pond River
with Katie Baggs, original songs about water; Marlene Creates, poems about the Blast Hole Pond River; Denise Hennebury, environmental interpretation of the river; Don McKay, a new river poem; Anna Swanson, poems about wild swimming; and Liz Zetlin, short films about water.
August 1, 2018
video by Adam Penney(58 minutes)

Rambles and Mammals: Feet Following Paws and Hooves in The Boreal Poetry Garden
with Rita Anderson, cognitive science about local wildlife; Marlene Creates, poetry; Jack Eastwood, creative writing & puppetry; and Don McKay, poetry & moose horn.
July 16, 2019
video by Lisa Porter (65 minutes)

Night Walk: Boreal Poetry Garden
a film by Elizabeth Zetlin
5 minutes

This docu-poem follows Newfoundland artist Marlene Creates, lit only by flashlight, on a walk through her Portugal Cove boreal forest to the Blast Hole Pond River. Along the way, she stops to read poems conceived at these sites. Words meld into forest, trip down paths, flow into river, where inspiration lurks like a moose. –Liz Zetlin

The Tolt, the Droke and the Blast Hole Pond River with Marlene Creates
part of Landscape as Muse, a documentary series by Ian Toews, 291 Film Company, broadcast on Bravo! TV
Available from 291 Film Company.

Marlene Creates lives just outside St. John's, Newfoundland. Her home backs onto an expansive natural forest and a river that originates in the Blast Hole Pond. With Marlene we survey this land from (to use Newfoundland vernacular) the top of the tolt, down through the droke, and into the Blast Hole Pond River. Marlene's art is woven into this landscape: a mixture of poetry, photography, installation, and observation — her work meticulously analyses our connection to nature. By paying attention, by collecting images and stories, and by seeing, Marlene elucidates personal moments in the natural world. –291 Film Company

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