Four Seasons of Wind, Middle Rock, Fogo Island, Newfoundland 2017–2018

medium: silent video mastered from 17 fixed-point still photographs and text

duration: 2 min 51 sec

This silent video documents, from the spring to the following winter, four seasons of wind around a stationary beacon on a rock “out the harbour” of Joe Batt’s Arm on Fogo Island. The wind is made visible by advancing and receding sea ice, and the direction and intensity of the waves.

Fixed-point still photographs are accompanied by data about the concurrent wind direction, as well as several forms of wind measurement: km/hour, number of knots, and the ratings on the Beaufort wind force scale, which was devised in 1805 to standardize wind measurement at sea. Also included are the corresponding “effects on the sea” from the Beaufort scale.

My maternal ancestors from Joe Batt’s Arm would have passed Middle Rock on their way to and from the fishing grounds.